Getting started


One of the hardest things to determine when you start is WHAT LEVEL to start with. Many new players think that it is determined by the bankroll - the amount of money - you have available to play with. This is not the right way to think about bankroll and not the value you should use when you pick the level to start playing on.


FIRST of all you should determine a level where you are a winning player in the LONG RUN. This is CRUCIAL! If you arn´t a winning player on the level you play on, it doesn´t matter how large your bankroll is. By constantly loosing your bankroll will reach zero, sooner or later.


Select a low level and play at least 100 SnG tournaments. This will give you an indication. If all tree following are true, you can step up to the next level


  • You have won money
  • You can afford to loose some of your money
  • Your game feels stable and comfortable


If one or more of the above is false, play a few hundred tournaments more and then reasses. Please be honest to yourself!



SnG Poker

Your guide to winning SnG

Sit and Go tournaments (SnG) have grown in popularity over the last years. As more and more recreational players have found their way to these fast paced tournaments playing SnG has become more profitable for the serious poker player. On lower level SnG tournamnets (under $50 buy in) the main part of players are just playing for the fun of playing and for the thrill - without any deeper knowledge and without caring if they win or loose. YOU are NOT one of them - you play to make money.


By using a few basic strategies the earnings from SnG tournaments can increase significantly.


Our articles and strategy tips has helped a lot of people to develop their skills in SnG poker thus increasing their winning.


The strategies outlined here is mainly targeted to lower buy in SnG, that is, under $50. In our experience, over this level the opponents get much better (in general) and other strategies is needed to win.



Getting started with SnG